42 Prayer Points To Tackle This Year 2016

  • 31, Laziness and procrastination must die in the Name of Jesus.
    32, Pronounce judgement on abusers of children in any form or under/other religion or system
    33, Let the resurrection power of the blood of Jesus Christ over shadow and surround me this year in the Name of Jesus.
    34, Just has Hezekiah relieved from death for 15th years and the Jews were delivered from death under Esther on the 15th day, the angels of death wont visit me this year in the Name of Jesus.
    35, The enemy wont contest with my voice this year because he has lost the power to contest.

    36, The sun of my life shall not listen to the voice of witchcraft in the Name of Jesus.
    37, God shall make the right people to help me at the right time at the right place in the Name of Jesus.
    38, Lord pass through the land in violent anger and slay the wicked who has made covenant with the evil to destroy.
    39, The period of mercy for the wicked in this nation is over in the Name of Jesus.. (TAKE NOTE OF THIS)
    40, Oh God arise and judge every proud and arrogant leaders this year in the Name of Jesus.



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