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Student Dies On Her 21st Birthday After Consuming Half Bottle Of Jack Daniels


A fashion student was reported to have met with her end on her birthday after she consumed half a bottle of an alcoholic drink/ Consuming Half Bottle Of Jack Daniels.

The 21-year-old celebrant was reported to have partied with friends and in the spirit of the moment downed half a bottle of Jack Daniels.

She was reported to have chocked on her own vomit in a Thai restaurant before her death.

The deceased identified as Narinthorn Alexander was reported to have been found unconscious in the toilet of Thai Tho in Soho, central London.

Following the daring act, Narinthorn Alexander suffered a cardiac arrest and was in coma for six days before her life support machine was turned off.

Postmortem examination performed by coroner, Mary Hassell, revealed that the amount of the alcoholic substance in her system played a significant role in her death.

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