Drug suspect goes on toilet-strike for 20 days, keeping police waiting to get his poo sample for a drug test

Essex police and the whole world is waiting for a suspected drug dealer to go to toilet, but 20 days have passed and he is yet to poo.

Lamarr Chambers, 24, from Brixton, was arrested by Essex Police on suspicion of dealing drugs in Harlow, Essex. He is suspected to have concealed drugs on himself before his arrest in Harlow on January 17 and police are waiting for him to pass out stool and remove the said items from his buttocks.

Since his arrest, the suspect has gone onto a self-imposed toilet strike and is under constant supervision, including daily medical assessments, until his time passes.

Chelmsford magistrates court issued a 190-hour detention warrant for the male to pass the items concealed. When he did not pass stool during that time, Essex police applied for more time which was granted. Police said that he did not believe they would get an extension to his time in custody

He has refused food for all this time and will not accept that he will not be released until he releases the substance. Essex Police have been providing #PooWatch updates to keep people informed about what is going on with Chambers and the fact that he still hasn't used the toilet.

In their latest update, posted yesterday, Essex police said: "Day 20 is coming to an end and still no movement, sorry for the delay in updates the team are busy covering this and other ongoing investigations."

Chambers' detention has been extended a few times by magistrates as they wait for the class A drugs to be flushed out of his system. The longest an inmate has gone without using the toilet is believed to be 23 days.

Chambers has been charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply a Class A drug, failing to stop and driving without insurance. Police have until Friday to apply to magistrates for more time to wait for the suspect to break his toilet strike.

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