Health Alert! Read This Before Buying A Plastic Bottle Water

  • Have you ever noticed the barcode given at the bottom of any plastic water bottle?

    I guess no one does so, actually, no one feels the need of it. But, let me inform you that it is very much required to check the bottom of the packed water bottles before buying because of many medical reasons.

    You know water bottles that consist of letters HDPE, HDP, PP are safer to have while bottles that are marked with other letters indicates that the water is not safe to consume.

    Down here are a different type of marks that will help you out in distinguishing the dangerous and healthiest water.

    This graphic shows the signs you need to take care of

    Check the marks according to the numbers they are provided with.

    1. PETE or PET

    Before Buying A Plastic Bottle Water

    It is the most common type of plastic used in consumer products. Mostly, water bottles and soft drink bottles are made up of this kind of plastic and is advised to use just for a single time. It affects the hormonal balance by releasing some chemicals and heavy metals.



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