Man gets stabbed by his girlfriend and it was filmed (video)

  • A disturbing video showing a woman attack her boyfriend with a knife has surfaced.

    The video was filmed by the male victim who did nothing to fight back as his girlfriend almost killed him. The location where the video was shot was not revealed but the video has started a discussion about domestic violence carried out on men by women.

    "You wanna fuck with me," the crazed woman is seen asking as she charges at her boyfriend with a knife.

    The man tries to evade her while replying: "Get away from me, OK? It's fine, it's fine. No."

    "You wanna fuck with me," she asks again and he says "It's fine."

    "Do you wanna fuck with me," she says, coming at him again with the knife.

    "No, I won't do it," he replies.

    She continued repeating "do you wanna fuck with me" while he kept saying "I won't do it. I won't do it. Get away from me, I won't do it" and tried to escape from her.

    When the camera honed in on the man's face, blood can be seen dripping down his eyes and temple.

    Watch the video below.


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