Nigerian commits suicide in Germany and is laid to rest

  • A Nigerian man has been buried in Germany days after he committed suicide.

    Francis Ibegbulem, who lived in Altenstadt Bayern in Germany, killed himself shortly after getting fired from the company where he worked. He reportedly tried using a kitchen knife but when that didn't work, he went to a forest and hanged himself. He was buried on Tuesday.

    The Imo state indigene reportedly moved to Germany from Turkey in 2015 and was granted 3-year asylum. The reason he took his life isn't known though friends say he complained that unseen forces were following him around. He also began talking aloud to himself and this led to him being fired from work.

    Another source claims the 34-year-old was depressed after his long-time girlfriend in Nigeria left him to marry another man.

    Watch a video from his funeral below.


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