10 Clear Signs She’s Interested But Is Playing Hard To Get


1. She never said she is uninterested directly.

When a girl says no, she means a firm NO. However, if they behave like they don’t care but haven’t actually said that they don’t want to be pursued in spite of looking right through you, there may be a probability she is indeed playing hard to get. She might do this by small gestures like smiling a bit when she’s chastising you for bringing her a present, or twirling her hair while talking to you about something serious. But beware though, because it’s a subtle art to read a woman’s body language. It takes loads of practice, and it isn’t an exact science.

2. She takes too long to respond to your calls or texts but when she does, she flirts a lot.
This is a classic move on her part. She wants to seem interested but not too available. She’ll tell you that her schedule is really full right now but she has the time for pointless banter and hypothetical questions about how you would deal with her in, of course, purely hypothetical situations. This is her way of telling you that she is interested but she won’t make it that easy for you. And this way, she can learn stuff about you that will give her a clearer sense of judgment about whether she wants to be pursued by someone like you.


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