10 Reasons cheat*ng Will Save Your Relationship



10. You’ll Benefit From An Ego Boost

One of the most common reasons for cheat*ng is simply ‘because you can’. To view absolutely everybody who cheats as being mor*lly bankrupt $ex fiends is an immature and limited way of seeing the world. Many people who cheat on their partners don’t plan to do so – they simply take advantage of an opportunity in a moment of weakness. a$$uming that their partner never finds out and they can live with the guilt, what is the benefit of a one-night stand?
An instant benefit from a one-nighter is the incredible ego boost that it provides. The joy of knowing that a complete stranger or your close friend finds you $exually attractive can boost your self-esteem to the point that you become a more confident, productive person in other key aspects of your life. Your performance at work may improve as you view yourself in a better light, you’re more relaxed and happy around your friends – and you become a more attentive and loving partner.
While extended affairs have a tendency to be viewed as a greater betrayal, the ego boost provided by one-off instances of cheat*ng can sometimes be so effective that the first relationship receives a boost, too. The happier a person is in their own skin, the better they tend to treat and relate to those closest to them in turn.

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