10 Signs You Are A §€χ Addict


4. You are a §€χ addict if you spend majority of your time thinking of §€χ and who to have §€χ with. It’s difficult for you to focus on anything else without having to think of §€χ.

5. You are a §€χ addict if you find yourself mas/tur/bating all the time. A day can’t pass by without you mas/tur/bating.

6. You are a §€χ addict if you can’t stay a week without having §€χ. You always want §€χ and you feel your world would crash if you don’t have it.

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7. You are a §€χ addict if you spend your free time visiting po/rn sites or you neglect important things you should do to view po/rn. You always seek out §€χual content wherever you can.


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