10 Things A Guy Should Never Ask His Girlfriend To Do


10 Things A Guy Should Never Ask His Girlfriend To Do

While compromise is important in a relationship, there are certain things a guy shouldn’t ask his girlfriend to do.

Check them out below

1. It’s wrong for a guy to force his girlfriend into having s_x with him. If she wants to wait for s_x, it’s important you respect her decision. If you truly love her, you should wait for her.

2. It’s wrong to ask your girlfriend to have an abortion. If you think you are old enough as a man to be having s_x, then you should be man enough to face the responsibilities if she gets pregnant.

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3. Some men have fantasies of having a threesome; please never ask your girlfriend to do this. Asking your girlfriend to have a threesome can have damaging consequences on your relationship and you also don’t show your girlfriend respect when you ask her to have a threesome with you.


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