10 Things Most Nigerian Girls Do In Private But Will Never Admit (Photos)


Being a girl comes with loads of struggles we hardly know about. It will surprise you to know the kind of things most Nigerian girls do these days but will never admit.

Below are 10 things Nigerian girls do but will never admit.

1. Using Phones As Mirrors

These days, mobile phones are multi-functional and they are no longer used for only making calls and texting. So let’s just say, gone are the days when a lady will search through her handbag to grab hold of a mirror to put touches on her make-up. These days, all they do is grab hold of their phone and use the screen as a mirror. So whenever you see that girl looking seriously unto her phone, just know that she might not be chatting, she could actually be checking out her sweet self.

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2. Stalking On Social Media

Many are those who might think this is a guys thing but it will surprise you to know that girls like stalking more than guys even do on social media. They stalk almost everybody, their hairdresser, ex’s best friend, friends at work, school, etc. but the person they stalk most is their ex. They go through all their pictures to check every girl on their timeline to see which girl they are currently dating. But ask them and they will never admit it.


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