10 Things Most Nigerian Girls Do In Private But Will Never Admit (Photos)


7. Messaging Obsession

These days, most girls will prefer you send them a message than calling. They’ll even message their best friend sitting right next to them about how handsome the guy passing by looks instead of telling them in the face. We believe this is due to the various instant messaging apps around now.

8. Stuffing Things In Her Bra

It will surprise you to know that, although they walk around with all these huge handbags with almost the world in it, they still stuff things in their bra. It will shock you to realise that although she is walking around with a large handbag when you ask her for something, she will pull it from her bra and you’ll be left wondering, “what the hell is that doing there when you have this handbag”. From mobile phones to handkerchiefs, every and anything can be tucked in their bras. But ask any of them and they will tell you, “nah! me I don’t do that”.

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