10 Truths Women Wish Men Knew About Sex


10 Truths Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

For most men, having a woman moan loudly while he is on her means the s_x is good. This is so not true.

While it’s good to have a good technique and make her moan, there are several truths women expect men to know about s_x. Check them out below

1. Women hate it when men rush through foreplay. Foreplay gets her ready for the main event so avoid rushing it.

2. She wants you to go at a much slower tempo. If she wants you to up the tempo, her body will reveal that to you.

3. Make an effort to wash your bed sheets. Women hate having s_x on dirty sheets.

4. Pay attention to how she reacts to the things you do. This would give you an idea of what she wants.

5. She wants you to cuddle after s_x. Cuddling after s_x makes a woman feel wanted.


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