12 Sure Signs You’re About To Be Dumped By Your Man


Signs You’re About To Be Dumped By Your Man

1. He tells you he “needs space.”

This is never a good sign. Ideally, if you’re in a relationship, it’s because you two came to a mutual understanding that you’re attracted to one another and love spending time together. A boyfriend who “needs space” is an unhappy boyfriend and, furthermore, will not continue being your boyfriend for much longer.

2. You find a portentous event in your Google calendar.

Here’s a pretty good sign you’re about to be broken up with: you wake up, sift through your emails, and see that your boyfriend has invited you to join a Google event, today at 4:30, entitled “talk.” You turn over in bed to inquire about the nature of this meeting, and he’s gone—all that’s left is the imprint of his body.

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3. He gives you nonchalant answers.

A boyfriend who says “sure,” “meh,” and “okay” a lot is an unenthused boyfriend, and one you will not be able to count on for much longer. If asking him to go out to dinner is met with “eh,” then your relationship probably doesn’t have staying power. Likewise, if “I miss you baby” is met with “word,” then he’s probably not the one for you.


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