12 Things Women Cry About That Makes No Sense To Men


Things Women Cry About That Makes No Sense To Men

Women cry about almost everything and some of the things they cry about come as a shock to most men.

Below are 12 things women cry about that makes no sense to men

1. Being frustrated can make a woman cry. I have seen women cry because they couldn’t find a key, makeup kit etc. It makes you wonder as a man if crying will help them find it.

2. Getting your woman a surprise can trigger tears no matter how small the surprise is. She’s actually excited you surprised her but she can’t stop the tears from flowing.

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3. I have seen women cry when singing. If you notice your girlfriend or wife crying when singing a particular song, just know that the song connects with certain moments in her life.

4. Sometimes as men, our statements could get misunderstood and this could lead to women crying.


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