13 Reasons Why You Should Have S1x With Your Partner Every Night


Like you need more reasons to have s_x, anyway, if you’re in the market for more excuses cleverly disguised as reasons. When relationships gets difficult or unbearable, one of the first thing to go is the s_x, they become far and in between.

Here are 13 reasons why you should have s_x with your partner daily, as compiled by Kelsey Borresen.

1. It provides some much-needed couple time.
“My husband and I have s_x every night because it’s a moment in the day that is just about the two of us. We are parents to a toddler, so when we lay him down for bed each night, we can then spend the rest of the night expressing how we feel about each other physically. Having s_x allows us to be passionate, to show affection and we enjoy pleasing each other.” – Christie M. of Arkansas; married 3 years

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2. It leads to more PDA outside of the bedroom.
“We’re very physically expressive with one another, even when we’re not having s_x. We hold hands a lot, he slaps my butt when I’m working in the kitchen, I nuzzle his neck when he’s working on research papers at the desk.” – Jesse N. of Ontario, Canada; married less than one year


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