18 Top Signs Your Partner Is Cheating


We all expect our partners to be faithful to us but sometimes our partner can’t keep their promise to stay faithful.

Below are 18 common signs your partner is cheating

1. Your partner is probably cheating if he/she hates it when you pay him/her a surprise visit.

2. Your partner used to be ready for s_x always despite mood, workload or stress but these days there is less appetite for s_x.

3. If your partner starts making unexplained expenses, he/she is probably cheating. Having an affair is costly as he/she has to pay for dinners, accommodation in hotels etc.

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4. Your partner is probably cheating if he/she refuse to answer his/her phone in your presence. He/she prefers to make and receive calls in private.


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  1. Abraham aganbi says

    that is a big lie