4 Signs To Know If Your Partner Truly Loves You



4 Signs To Know If Your Partner Truly Loves You – One question that often rings in your head is “Does s/he truly love me?” Most times, you just can’t find an answer to that question and even when you speak to friends about it, they don’t come up with something concrete. Here, I’ve put together, 4 signs that can help you know if your partner truly loves you.
I call them “hard-to-miss” signs because someone who really loves you does them without even knowing – love compels them. Read below..

1. Wants To Spend Time With You:
When someone truly loves you, she/he will do everything they can to spend time with you irrespective of their schedule. Both of you might be occupied due to family, work, or other relevant commitments but someone who truly cares about you will always squeeze out time because they simply can’t do without you.


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