5 Different Times You Can Sleep With Your Spouse in The Month of Ramadan


Some people could be astounded on why S3@.Xx:’ is allowed at certain periods in the month of Ramadan. Although, fasting is abstinence from eating, drinking and S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse from dawn to sunset, but there are different times when the fast is over for a day that husbands and wives could have S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse.

A Muslim man and his wife. Both of them are allowed to have S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse at different times in the month of Ramadan excluding from dawn to sunset

The specific times are given below:

1. After Iftaar

Iftaar is the meal eaten when a fasting Muslim completes his fast for a day, specifically at sunset. Often, fruits are used to break the fast by Muslims. It is permitted for married individuals to enjoy themselves at this period.

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