5 Reasons Your Relationship is Coming To A Sad End


Relationships are not always merry, it also goes through a rough patch that determines whether you and your partner will make it or split. It’s always advisable to try everything before calling it quits despite you thinking letting go is the best way.

Often times couples find themselves within a vicious cycle that eventually tear them apart. In order to break from the cycle, you need to understand the reasons your relationship is not working out. Only then can you decide whether you want to work things out or whether you should just let go. There are many different reasons why your relationship might not be going as planned, but the following five are the most common reasons for relationship failure.


1. Picking faults
Lastly, too often we tend to pick faults in our partner. It might be well gestured, but expecting someone to change everything about themselves makes them feel like they are unloved and even unwanted. Both partners need to be a little tolerant and forgiving when it comes to each other’s mistakes, and they should let go instead of harboring their feelings. If you’re both constantly playing the blame game, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to break away from the vicious cycles that is tearing your relationship apart.

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