5 Things You Will Notice if Your Woman Has Just Had $3x With Another Man

According to science, this is what you should watch out for if you want to know that she’s recently enjoyed S3@.x:’.You might have your reasons for worrying that your woman will be unfaithful to you. Sure, in this day and age, checking phones, social media, etc are usually the go-to move for those with questionable partners, but there are other things to look out for too.

Here are five things that happen to a woman who has just had S3@.x:’.

1. You are more attracted to her

This might sound weird but if a women enjoys frequent steamy romps her body releases pheromones – scented S3@.x:’ hormones that stimulate attraction in the opposite S3@.x:’ – which can increase your arousal.

If you start to feel affected when you’re near her then she’s probably had some action recently.

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