6 Nollywood Actresses Who Abandoned Christianity for Islam With Pictures


A couple of Nollywood actresses has dropped their Christian faith to follow Islam. These actresses have their various reasons for doing this and they have adopted new names.

Vivian Metchie a.k.a Fareedah:


Vivian Metchie’s case is a very distinctive and rare one. Surprisingly she was born to a Catholic father and a deeper life mother and even got married to a Redeemed Church member. She left Christianity over what she termed ‘Religious confusion’. She decisively left Christianity because she understands Koran more than bible.

Also, she could no longer bear the constant bickering and criticisms from different members of different churches, although her friend once told her that if she was grounded in it she would definitely pay less attention to the different perceptions of the doctrines of Christianity because every christian church has something bad to say about the next christian church, she started searching for a religion that would give her inner peace, and guess what? She found the long-awaited peace in the Koran. After several researches carried out in the quest for inner peace, Vivian saw it in Koran and opted to become a Muslim.

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