6 Reasons Women Cheat (That You’ve Never Heard About Before)


Here are the 6 main causes of female infidelity I have found in my work.

1. The sexual peak imbalance.

An oft-cited statistic is that men reach their sexual peak at 18, and women at thirty. So by the time a woman’s sexual engine is really revving up, her husband’s engine is already starting to run out of gas. Mark Twain even referred to this as God’s jest. But, there’s no real evidence that this is in fact true. Certainly there is no biological data supporting this.

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I think that this myth has more to do with the fact that, in our society, young women have not traditionally been taught to embrace their sexuality as young men are taught to do. It often takes a few years of adult independence and maturity, and perhaps sexuality within a marriage, before women feel comfortable and safe enough to begin asserting and exploring their sexual needs.

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