6 Reasons Women Cheat (That You’ve Never Heard About Before)


3. The need to feel attractive.

If there is any reason for female infidelity I have heard and seen the most, it is the woman’s experiencing appreciation of her attractiveness from men other than her husband. One woman told me, “Of course my husband thinks I’m beautiful, he’s supposed to. Or at least supposed to say that he does. But when a man I don’t know thinks I’m beautiful? That sends a tingle down my spine.”

In so many marriages, relationships settle into a domestic comfort, as the exciting neurochemicals of the early stages of a relationship begin to subside. Sadly, one of the things that often subsides with it is the degree to which husbands and wives offer each other the vocal praise and admiration they gave each other early on. Couples stop talking about the things they appreciate and love about one another. Even worse, when they do talk, it is mostly about the things that aren’t working so well — finances, children, in-laws, etc. So, when a woman starts being tempted by another man, it’s often because when she’s with him, she feels beautiful, sexy, and desired.

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