6 Reasons Women Cheat (That You’ve Never Heard About Before)


5. Revenge.

Sadly, many women enter into infidelity, seeking to redress wrongs they feel from their husbands. Plain and simple.

6. An innate attraction to “the stranger.”

In studies of the sexual behavior of primates, it’s been found that females will often seize the opportunity to mate with a male of another troop or group. In contrast to theories that females are selective of their sexual partners, seeking out “the best,” some findings suggest that females may actually prefer variety and diversity.

One evolutionary explanation is that this increases the genetic diversity of the child. In humans, studies of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which governs the development of the immune system, it’s been found that women who are married to men whose MHC is too similar to their own are prone to be sexually unfaithful (or at least tempted) around their ovulation. And they are more tempted by men whose MHC is different.

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Interestingly enough, and to bring this all back around to where I started, the MHC variables did not predict relationship satisfaction. Despite the temptations or incidents of cheating, the marriages examined were happy and healthy.

This article was originally published at Psychology Today.

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