6 Things You Can Be Sure African Wives Would Always Do


Being married is a beautiful experience I must say; the euphoria of having to live with a man you love does not go away for a while. For some people, it does not go away at all as every day is a new experience for them.

Couples at the initial stage of their marriages are so concerned about living right and doing everything well. They try as much as possible to be of best behaviour and avoid things that would make them fight. Overtime, the level of work they put into the relationship or marriage reduces. This is because many of them suddenly get comfortable with their partners and feel there is no need to impress them anymore.

They become too relaxed and assume their partners would not go anywhere; most of the promises they made to each other at the beginning of their relationship get broken and they do not pay any attention to it. Women are guilty in this aspect; many of them stop being sassy and classy the moment they get married.

They feel they have nothing more to lose once they are married. This piece would be looking at the things African wives do after marriage. Here are some of the things African wives would always do in marriage:

1. Level of hygiene reduces. We all know how conscious women are when it comes to their level of hygiene during courtship. They do not want the men to be turned off and do everything they could to be the attractive ladies who want to settle down as soon as possible. After being married, these women start to relax and pay little or no attention to themselves. They do not shave regularly and only do so when their husbands complain about it.


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