7 Biggest Mistakes You Could Be Making While Using A Co_ndom


5. Putting it on wrong. Don’t you hate when that happens? About 30% of people put it on inside out and don’t realize that an inside-out cond_om is more likely to slip off. The safest thing to do? Start with a new one. The right way: The con_dom should look a little like a ski cap with the bottom edges rolled up (not under). The cap should fit over the pe_nis so that the brim unrolls easily down the shaft.

6. Slipping off during se_x. To find a good fit, buy a variety of styles and sizes (there really aren’t that many choices) and try them at leisure. Remember, natural lambskin sounds nice and can prevent preg_nancy, but it doesn’t protect against the viruses that cause AIDS, hepatitis, and herpes. Only latex can do that.

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