7 Reasons Many Wives Refuse To Have Regular S_x With Their Husbands


7 Reasons Many Wives Refuse To Have Regular S_x With Their Husbands

S_x in marriage is one hushed topic that many choose not to talk about, but in reality, it’s one of those things that’s hurting many marriages today.

Wives Refuse To Have Regular Sex With Their Husbands

Many men (even women too) are s_xually frustrated in their marriages (although this article will focus on why women tend to not have s_x).

After the first few months of marriage, the s_x lives of many couples start to drop, and in many cases the woman starts to lose interest in s_x, and this frustrates her husband.

But why do women choose to have infrequent s_x? Why do their s_x lives start to drop? Why do they leave their man s_xually frustrated?

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Many men might feel that women do this consciously, but the truth is that, as unfair as her withholding s_x might seem, she doesn’t do it on purpose. The next few tips would buttress my point.


Once the kids start coming in and her body isn’t as hot as it used to be, her image of herself will become poorer and she wouldn’t see herself as s_xy and attractive as she used to be. This can kill her desire to even get naked and have s_x. Once she starts having a poor image of her body, her desire for s_x will start declining rapidly.


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