7 Things She Wants You To Do With Your Mouth In Bed But Can’t Tell You


Things She wants You To Do With Your Mouth In Bed But Can’t Tell You

So, if you want to drive her crazy and excite her, you should do these 6 things below, using your mouth.

1. Kiss: A kiss is not simply a promise of what to come, it is also a way to rebuild intimacy between you and your partner. Take your time and kiss her to begin foreplay, also give her kisses intermittently during the session so she remembers exactly who is making love to her.

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2. Lick: Your tongue is also capable of exciting her. The soft feel of it and the accompanying moistness can ignite her body parts. Try not to overdo it though, you are trying to tease her, not lick her skin off. Tongue her neck, bre asts, tummy and cli toris to drive her wild.


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