8 S*xiest Girls Body Parts That Attract Men The Most


Number 2: Butt (25%)
Girls, you know the unbelievable popularity of Anaconda song by Nicki Minaj. There is no question that a display of sexy butt fascinates the boys more than any other body parts. Some guys think, Butt is the most appealing and sexually striking part than the Breasts. Most of the boys included that they love to enjoy the gambol of the buttocks of a girl, and they don’t even think of the complete appearance of her body but the hips.

Number 1: Breasts (28%)
Breasts are the greatest assets for women like the penis to a man. Beautiful breasts drive the men of all ages with a wild desire and fantasy. Almost hundred percent boys in the survey answered that their eyes stuck in one place; the Breasts. So, the men used to give the longer look nowhere but in the breasts of a girl.

The rest 4% survey answers go for belly (2.5%) ,height (1%) and toes (.5%) that attract guys most.

Girls, read and keep the points in concern where do guys look in a girl’s body. Feeling naughty!! Yes, go and make insane your man or if you don’t, raise a storm in the guys look at you.

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