9 Amazing Facts About V@ginas That Will Change Your Life


 Knowing your body is very important to your growth as a person and as a woman, there are things you must know about your v*gina.

As far as body parts go, the v*gina is probably the most fascinating and most impressive body part you have — and chances are, you have more questions about it than you do answers. From the blended climax to a coffee-scented discharge (kidding, sort of), here are nine fascinating things that happen below the belt:

1. Your pubic hair doesn’t keep growing.

Okay, so pubic hair isn’t actually part of your v**ina, but it does protect it. Our body hair has different growth cycles, alternating between periods of growth and no growth. Pubic hair not only grows way slower than the hair on your head, but also has a longer rest cycle, which is why it only grows to a certain length.


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