9 Mistakes Most Men Make When Using Condoms


Mistakes Most Men Make When Using Condoms

Cøndøms are important if you want to protect yourself against STIs and prevent unwanted pregnancies but failure to use a cøndøm properly will reduce its effectiveness.

1. Not wearing a cøndøms for the entire duration of s€x is a common mistake men make when using condoms. Any genital contact before a cøndøms is worn can lead to STIs. So ensure you use a cøndøms right at the beginning and keep it until you’re finished.

2. Using a cøndøms without adequate lubrication is another common mistake men make. Using cøndøms without adequate lubrication can lead to the cøndøm tearing. When using lubes, avoid lubes like coconut oil, lotions, massage oils and petroleum jelly as they can break down the latex. Use water-based lubes instead.

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3. Using expired cøndøms is another common mistake most men make. A cøndøm’s effectiveness is reduced after a condom expires so its important you check the expiration date before use.


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