5 Ways How to Approach a Girl in Public?


Steps to Approach a Girl in Public

1.) Make an Eye Contact First to Approach a Girl in Public

If the girl knows you are looking at her she might not panic if you approach to talk to her. When you see a cute girl and wants to talk to her then first try to make an eye contact as it will create a gentle bond between you two.

Do not keep staring at her just hold the gaze for a while. If she tries to maintain the gaze then pass her gentle smile. Looking at her with a smile will show your interest in her if she smiles back at you. BINGO! You got your self green signal to go and talk. If she is smiling she won’t mind exchanging a word with you.

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Keep your smile gentle, don’t represent your smile as a pervy stalker. Sometimes time is not on your side she might not smile back in such situation notice her she might be having a bad day and you can’t help her in such a situation so withdrawing is a safer option because you don’t wanna piss her more.


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