ATTENTION GIRLS! This Is What Happens To Your Private Area When You Stop Having Intercourse!


Girls, did you know that there is an adverse effect on your private parts when you stop having intercourse for a long time?

In this article, we are only going to tackle the woman’s private and sensitive area, and not their hearts. Women tend to ignore these discussions, thinking it would be embarrassing, but we will break that chain.

According to Cosmo, “the vagina is a thin-walled, expansive, cylindrical organ that is rich in blood and lymphatic supply.”

Most women are curious about their private parts, some even try to experiment with it. If you’re a woman reading this, have you ever thought about whether or not your vagina tightens or shrinks? Well, the answer depends on your estrogen levels.

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Estrogen strengthens the walls of your private area, allowing it to stretch when having intercourse and during childbirth. In simpler terms, when there is low estrogen, the vagina become less stretchy or tight.

Typically, women who aren’t going through menopause and women who have normal estrogen levels in their bodies don’t experience shrinkage even after a long period of abstinence. No amount of penetration will be enough to loosen it.


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