Why The Bathroom Is The Happiest Place On Earth


Take a quick poll among people you know about the place they get the most peace of mind in their house and chances are that all of them will unanimously vote for the bathroom. Simply put, spending time in the bathroom makes you a happier person. Here’s why:

1. You come up with the craziest and wackiest ideas about everything while taking a hot shower.

Ever had a Eureka moment after spending 10 minutes under the hot shower? You’re not alone.

2. The pot is the best place to while away time.

your favourite addictive games on your phone, reply to the family group chats (which you have muted) or just waste time on the internet. The options are endless.

3. You can finally finish the book you’ve been meaning to read since weeks.

Raise your hand if your morning routine is not complete without spending 15 minutes reading the newspaper or book in the loo. We don’t judge.


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