It is Dangerous to Have S!x More Than Three Times a Week – Expert


S*x is a very sweet thing for many people. But, how much of s*x is too much? S*x has been known to burn calories but how many and depending on what factors, so it is very good for the body.

S_xologists warn that it is important to remember that though having s*x between one and three times in a week is considered normal, anything more than that can have bad effects on s_xual health, while the sensitivity of the penis may also decrease.

According to New Health Advisor, you risk the following health issues if you indulge in too much s*x!

• S*x is a strenuous exercise, and one round of s_x has been equated to 30 minutes of jogging. Therefore, having s_x repeatedly without adequate hydration could lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

• The National Health Service advises that drinking plenty water after s*x is a good way to avoid dehydration.


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