Do You Know Donald Trump Was Sent By GOD To Become American President? This Will Shock You (Read)


Janet Wood Reno, the first lady Attorney of the USA, said Donald Trump can never be president of America while she is still alive….

Do You Know Donald Trump Was Sent By GOD To Become American President This Will Shock You (Read)

But surprisingly, she died on that very Monday, November 7th at age of 78 and Wednesday, November 9th, Trump was declared 45th President of USA.


Any power that has vowed you will not be all that God has ordained you to be, WILL BE terminated for your sake.

Any individual that does not want you to become great in life will expire for you.

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The throne of glory that God has ordained for you, irrespective of people’s opinion, you will get there.

Anyone born of woman standing on your path of destiny fulfillment, may the grave be in a haste to take them to Hell.

Anyone that has said about you over my dead body let it be to them according to their words.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend & Happy Christmas in Advance.

Stay Blessed!!!

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