Drama as MMM Asks Members to Provide Help Before They Can Get Their Money


The controversial Ponzi Scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Scheme has returned with another dramatic hitch as community members attempt to withdraw their funds from the scheme.

Money-spinning scheme, MMM seems to have adopted another financial stringent measure to stay afloat amidst general distrust in the platform following the restriction placed on the accounts of members on the 13th of December, 2016.

A lamenting Nigerian subscriber has reported his inability to ‘Get Help’ after he made an attempt this morning, 18th of January, 2017.

This has increased fears that the scheme which is of Russian origin is beginning to see its last days as big investors have been in a state of limbo as regards their committed funds.

MMM Asks Members to Provide Help Before They Can Get Their Money

Screenshot of the new development

Yesterday, there were disturbing reports that all requests for help by members were also cancelled by the fictitious admin behind the platform.

Meanwhile, a social media user with a conflicting view has this to say: “This happens when your mavro has neither been paid nor confirmed and you want to cash out what you dont actually have”.

Another paranoid community member also accused the number one MMM guider, Chuddy Ogorji of relocating from Nigeria with his wife presumably due to the looming crisis of MMM.

“I learned from a dependable source yesterday, that Chuddy, the Criminal initiator of the ponzi scheme in Nigeria, has relocated to the Philippines with his MMM Wife to enjoy their loot” he said.

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