Easy Ways To Make A Guy That Used To Like You Like You Again?


 5. Make Him Jealous to Get Him to Like You

Some people think that making someone jealous looks childish but still many girls asking about how to make a guy jealous and want him back. It is very simple. You need to go out with your friends to a place which he likes and where you know you will hit him. The best way is to take a hot friend with you. It is better if you have a friend which he has been secretly jealous of. You have to be a little flirty with him. Your friend will understand but your boyfriend goes crazy with jealousy. Jealousy is a pure feeling and it will hep you to know his feelings for you. By many ways, you can get that guy jealous and make him come back to you. Once you see him getting jealous then it becomes easier for you to work on your next move.

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