Five (5) Facts You Don’t Know about $ex


$ex is such a big part of life, for some people it is life. It is the one percent  we are obsessed with ninety nine percent of the time. But there are some facts about it that I bet will blow your mind. Here are five of them, and in the spirit of the times, number five will shock you…
1.Like Poles Attract

Unlike in magnetism, where like poles repel, human beings tend to be attracted to people who look like them. In a study, a group of straight men and women were presented with photos of the opposite $ex to rate in order of attractiveness. Included in the photos was the participant’s photo digitally changed to be that of the opposite $ex.

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Most participants found this digitally changed face to be the most attractive. Another research into the DNA of married couples found that up to a third of the participants had chosen a spouse with whom they shared DNA characteristics.

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