How to Get Six Packs In 3 Months Without Sweating Too Much


Many people dream of having six-pack abs, and they want to have it real quick. I have even seen people in my own gym who focus a lot of their time in abs workout, but still struggle to have six-pack abdominals. Yes, they do have a nice abs, but not just six-pack abs, and without it, it’s always incomplete.

Get Six Packs

1. Body Fats and Workouts

Let’s talk about body fats and workouts for abs without wasting much time.

a. Focus on your body’s fat percentage
If you want to have a six-pack, then you must reduce your body fats. In general, the optimum body fat percentage for a man is 13%, and it is 17% for a woman. Among the various ways to know your body fats, the most convenient way to measure your body fat is by using your gym’s body analyzer equipment. Suppose your body weight is 80 kg with fat percentage of 20%, and you want to reduce it to 13%. The process of calculating the weight you need to lose is by using this formula: Fat % to lose (0.07) X body weight (80) = 5.6 kg.

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b. Cardio workout
It’s a necessity to focus on a cardio workout if you want to lose your fats. You should focus on high intensity workouts like running, cycling workouts, swimming, and aerobics to lose your fats in a quicker pace. However, you should also take a rest, so have a one day gap in a week.


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