Meet 22-year-old Girl Whose Skin Burns Anytime She Steps Outside in the Sunlight (Photos)


A woman has told her unfortunate and sad story how her body burns anytime she steps outside in the sunlight.

A 22-year-old woman left with severe blisters across her face has been told it’s because she’s allergic to sunlight, Dailymail reports.

Girl Whose Skin Burns Anytime She Steps Outside in the Sunlight

The woman identified as Jokiva Rivers started to notice blisters forming across her cheeks and necks when she was 18 – but her doctors were unsure why. When things worsened causing her to struggle to eat, drink and sleep, she consulted her doctors again who made her undergo medical tests to determine what was wrong.

She was told she was suffering from lupus – a genetic condition which can trigger rashes following exposure to the sun. It means that if she ever wants to leave the house then she must cover up or wear sun cream to prevent an outbreak.

Mrs Rivers, from New Orleans, said: ‘I was originally misdiagnosed with eczema after I started developing rashes at 18.

‘But the flare ups started to become more regular, my face was so red and covered in angry blisters that I didn’t feel confident enough to go outside.


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