4 GROSS Things That Happen To Your Vag!na After Wiping With Tissue Paper


White toilet paper often contains BLEACH which (surprise) can be very irritating to some more sensitive vag!nas. Another cause of puffiness can be too much wiping. If your vag!na is puffy, start with easing on the wiping pressure. If this doesn’t help, try buying an unbleached organic toilet paper that’s formeldahyde-free.

#3. UTIs. In women the urethra is pretty darn short. That means it can be easier for bacteria to creep up and cause infections. If you’re wiping back to front you could be pushing faeces (which is riddled with bacteria) into your urethra putting you on a one way track to UTI city. There’s an easy fix, start wiping front to back.

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#4. Yeast Infections. The chemicals in your toilet paper that are causing puffiness in your va!ina? They can also be giving you yeast infections. The chemicals used to give paper fragrance can mess with your vag!na’s perfectly balanced PH system and lead to recurring yeast infection. If you think your TP is giving you yeast infections, trying switching out to something hypoallergenic.


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