Guys, 10 Places To Touch Her And Get Her In The Mood


10 Cli_t_oris. The clitoris is the crown jewel of the female body. With over 8,000 nerve endings in a patch of flesh the size of a raisin, it’s bound to do wonders. However, don’t be fooled. Not all cli__torises are alike and women respond to different types of cli–toral stimulation. Furthermore, the more nerve endings there are, the greater the likelihood of hurting her is if you touch the clitoris incorrectly.

The main trick to achieve the best out of her clit is using featherlike touches. This type of touch is so light, it is almost not there at all. This kind of touch gives a strong sense of anticipation and will make her want more. A good way to get her going from the berry is by drawing light circles around her cli__toris, without actually touching her clit. Watch her reaction and work your way to a spiral to the center and then gently add pressure.

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The next time you’re going to have s _-_ex, think of it as something like a road trip. The journey is equally important as *and is sometimes more fun than* the destination. So warm up your hands and explore the uncharted terrain of your lady’s erogenous zones.

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