Guys, 10 Places To Touch Her And Get Her In The Mood


5 Inner thigh. I bet you’ve seen this in a movie before: while driving a convertible down the freeway, the guy has one hand on the wheel while the other hand is caressing a beautiful woman’s inner thigh as she mo-ans in se__xual agony. This is pretty accurate, as that fateful patch of skin is near the v@g!_na!

Think of the inner thigh as the switch to the floodgates. Manipulating it can get her wet and excited. You can achieve this by gently cares-_-sing her inner thigh with the tips of your fingers, especially the obverse side with the fingernails. Stroke her inner thigh, gently moving upwards near her v@g!_na. This will tease her into a sense of anticipation and she will enjoy the effects as one thing leads to another.

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