Guys, 10 Places To Touch Her And Get Her In The Mood


7 Small of the back. To demonstrate how sensitive the small of your back is, try giving it a flat hand slap. Hurts, doesn’t it?

The small of the back is covered by a thinner patch of skin compared to the rest of your body, in addition to being located just millimeters above the base of the spinal cord. The small of the back is home to a bunch of nerve endings that will definitely hit her sweet spot if you touch her there.

One good way to touch her here is by giving a back massage. Take her top off and make her lie on her stomach. Gently run your hands from the small of her back upwards. Make sure that your thumbs are keeping the pressure on the trench of her spine while the rest of your fingers rest on the curve of her waist. Once you’ve revved her engine up, bombard the small of her back with a lot of moist kisses and watch her writhe in pleasure.

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