Guys, 10 Places To Touch Her And Get Her In The Mood


9 Ni_p_ples. The female ni_p_ple is an erogenous zone which people are universally familiar with. Men are drawn to it, and it is the first thing in our mouths from the time we are born. The ni_p_ples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and a part where stimulation leads to immediate se__xual ar__ousal; women can actually get orgasms from ni_p_ple stimulation. The ni_p__ples, along with the cl_it__oris, are both directly wired to the female brain center responsible for aro__usal.

However, this degree of sensitivity requires you to have great care when touching her ni__p_ples. Don’t be too rough when touching her and always pay attention to her responses. A good way to start is by tracing circles on her breast. Start from the base and make smaller spirals, working your way up toward her nipple. Another way is to gently massage her breast with one hand, while using your lips and mouth to caress her areola and ni__p_ples.

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