Guys! 2 Best Way To Make Sure You Do Not Release Too Quickly While Doing It.


It can be pretty disappointing for any man to climaxing way too soon during s-e_x. Both partners will certainly not feel s-x-ually satisfied if this is the case.

There are a lot of things you can do to make things better but focus on these two to improve on your s-x-ual prowess.

1. Mas- turb- ation and Control

If you haven’t eja- cula- ted for a while, maybe few days or weeks, then it will definitely be a task for you to hold when you are having s- e- x.

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  1. Ajala Olamide says

    I can’t get the full details .

    1. TrendNG Staff says

      Kindly Explain What you mean Sir..

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