GUYS, Your Bananna Shape Determines How Long Sex will Last


How long intercourse lasts is a major concern for men. A psychologist from a University wrote an article about how long couples last in penetrative intercourse.

Defining the Start and End of Intercourse

The definition is quite simple as it revolves around the p2nis itself. Zietsch studied couples who measured their intercourse duration from the time of penetration until the guy ejaculates using a stopwatch. About 500 heteros2xual couples participated in the study, which took place in many parts of the world.

The survey lasted for four weeks. Each couple was asked to press the start button right at the time of penile penetration and the stop button after ej2culation. Using a stopwatch was preferred because simply asking would result in biased answers.

As for the findings of the study, the shortest is 33 seconds and the longest is 44 minutes. But the average for all couples was 5.4 minutes, meaning that most couples aim to achieve this duration each time they do the act.
What Affects and What Doesn’t Affect s2xual Stamina


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