GUYS, Your Bananna Shape Determines How Long Sex will Last


According to the study, the following did not affect how long the s2x lasts:
Condom Use: There is a myth that condoms can make a man lose erection because there’s less sensitivity and feeling.
Race: The country of origin of the males did not seem to affect the duration of s2x.

Circumcision: Whether a man is circumcised or not also doesn’t have a say in his s2xual stamina.
Meanwhile, there are the factors that could affect the length of activity, including:

Age: The older the couple, the shorter the duration of s2x.
Body Type: One study claims fat guys last longer than thin and fit ones.
p2nis Shape: This is probably the most controversial. According to another study from the State University of New York at Albany, the way the p2nis is shaped may serve as a semen displacement tool.

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